Megyn Kelly is Going to Interview Vladimir Putin on NBC

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Megyn Kelly is Going to Interview Vladimir Putin on NBC

Megyn Kelly is no friend of Donald Trump’s. After consistently attacking him throughout the primaries—and thusly becoming the subject of many a Twitter tirade—Kelly eventually managed to secure a one-on-one interview with the man she thought so little of. The actual interview itself was a little underwhelming, given that it had been built up like a WWE championship level cage match, but her willingness to confront the man directly and on his home turf was still encouraging. Throughout the primaries and election process, Kelly held her ground and refused to normalize any of Trumps’ antics—no small feat considering she was still employed by Fox News at the time.

Kelly—as a part of NBC—now looks to take on another high-profile political figure: Russian President Vladimir Putin. Earlier today, it was announced that her interview with the Russian head of state will air on June 4 to open the first episode of her new show Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly.

Kelly was already supposed to moderate an economic forum in St. Petersburg tomorrow where Putin is expected to be a panelist, but she had desperately hoped to secure a personal interview with Putin. This will be the first time the Russian leader will take questions from an American journalist since Russia was accused of meddling in the 2016 election. Kelly claims she’ll ask him about this point blank, which should be interesting even if there’s almost no way Putin’s answers will be satisfactory. But hey, if Putin says Trump personally asked him to meddle in the election and then hands over definitive proof, maybe we can finally be done with this thing and move on from what’s been a frustrating hundred or so days.

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