A New All-Female 21 Jump Street is Being Developed, Mostly by Men

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All-female is the new extended universe. Well, not really, but there’s been a recent abundance of this particular kind of remake, especially in the comedy world. Following in the footsteps of Ghostbusters, it looks like there’s now an all-female reboot of 21 Jump Street in the works.

While it makes sense to reboot the successful action-comedy series, which starred Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, into one that gives women a more prominent role, any excitement about the new film is somewhat tempered by the fact that, as Vulture points out, the script is being penned by a man. Indeed, it seems that representation is more important on-camera than off.

Rodney Rothman, who wrote 22 Jump Street, will be writing this new spinoff, contradicting earlier reports that the Broad City writers might take on the project. Now, 22 Jump Street is undeniably funny, and Rothman’s sensibility certainly contributed to that. Still, women are half of people, so it’d be nice if they got a job in Hollywood every once in awhile.

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