Silence Is Survival: Watch the Riveting First Teaser for A Quiet Place

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Silence Is Survival: Watch the Riveting First Teaser for A Quiet Place

The teaser for the first horror movie directed by John Krasinski is here, and it’s, well, quiet.

A Quiet Place follows a family of four, with the parents played by Krasinski and Emily Blunt. Details on the plot are sparse, but the family’s home is menaced by monsters with excellent hearing. The monsters must be large enough to claw that gash on the side of the wall we see, so it’s clearly a much better idea to avoid them than fight them. That’s why silence is paramount.

There are a lot of smart little worldbuilding touches here—the children (portrayed by Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds) play Monopoly on a blanket, with cloth game pieces. The family communicates in sign language. They lay down pathways of sand to muffle their footsteps outside. At one point, Simmonds’ character walks through a creaky old house, and it looks like spots safe from creaking are marked with a painted pathway.

All this is, of course, ruined by one lamp getting knocked over. We don’t yet know much about the struggle for survival that takes place after that, but it’s telling that the final shot is Blunt, clearly trying to stop herself from screaming in pain.

This one looks like it’ll be a tense ride, one that we hope can maintain its nonverbal premise over the course of its runtime without growing stale. A Quiet Place comes out April 6, 2018.

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