Final Aquaman Trailer Released Ahead of DC Film’s December Premiere

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Final Aquaman Trailer Released Ahead of DC Film’s December Premiere

“Atlantis has always had a king,” says Amber Heard’s Mera in the final trailer for DC’s forthcoming Aquaman. “Now it needs something more.”

The film’s final trailer, while not featuring many new shots, more closely focuses on Arthur Curry’s (Jason Momoa) hero’s journey. It opens with Nicole Kidman’s Atlanna telling a story to young Curry (“One day, a new king will come who will use the power of the trident to put Atlantis back together again … ”), before turning to shots of Curry, now a teenager, training with Nuidis Volko (Willem Dafoe). Speaking over shots of the pair practicing fighting and navigating the underwater city, Volko encourages Curry to uncover his “Atlantian instincts.”

The trailer transitions into Curry as an adult, showing the protagonist and Mera climbing a huge sand dune to learn the backstory of the trident—the one that, when “in the hands of the true heir … would unite above and below.” (When given to anyone else, though, bad things are sure to ensue.) Of course, it then shows one of Aquaman’s main antagonists, Curry’s power-hungry brother Orm (Patrick Wilson), plotting for Atlantis to “rise again.”

The trailer then shows off the Aquaman team’s CGI prowess with a montage of underwater battle scenes in the colorful underwater kingdom. (There’s also a pretty wicked shot of Atlanna fighting off unwanted guests in the family home.) Shots of young Arthur Curry are juxtaposed with those of a grown-up Aquaman as the protagonist is informed, via Mera, of his role in the story: the hero.

As the clip ends with a glance at Curry in full Aquaman garb, it appears he becomes just that.

Aquaman (dir. James Wan) is set for release on Dec. 21 via Warner Bros. Pictures. Check out the trailer below and revisit Paste’s previous write-up on the film’s extended trailer, released last month.

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