The Home Sweet Home Alone Trailer Gives us a Look at a Remake We Probably Don’t Need

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The Home Sweet Home Alone Trailer Gives us a Look at a Remake We Probably Don’t Need

Since the wildly popular original Home Alone hit theaters in 1990, we’ve gotten a ton of sequels and spin-offs. There’s Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House, and, my personal favorite, Home Alone with the Google Assistant. And apparently, we needed just one more spin-off, because now a new installment is barreling toward release, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

Home Sweet Home Alone is directed by Dan Mazer (Dirty Grandpa), and written by Saturday Night Live’s Mikey Day and comedian Streeter Seidell. The film stars Jojo Rabbit’s Archie Yates as a character named Max whose parents accidentally leave him alone when they go on vacation to Japan. Sound familiar? Also in the cast is Ellie Kemper and Rob Delaney (our new bandits), Aisling Bea, Kenan Thompson, Maul Holmes, Ally Maki and Chris Parnell.

Check out the trailer here:

The first trailer for Home Sweet Home Alone blasts us full force with nostalgia. It looks like we’re going to get a shameless amount of hijinks, which we’re not mad about because it’s maybe the greatest thing about the original Home Alone. And, if he’s anything like he was in Jojo Rabbit, Yates will be the loveable trickster kid we all need. And, though admittedly no one can quite live up to Joe Pesci as a slimy criminal, I’m extremely excited to see Kemper take a swing at the role. You might be asking why anyone felt the need to remake such a classic film, but this one looks at least semi-fun, so I’m not gonna question it for the time being.

Home Sweet Home Alone hits Disney+ on November 12.

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