Kate Winslet Is Joining James Cameron’s Avatar Universe

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Kate Winslet Is Joining James Cameron’s Avatar Universe

That Kate Winslet-James Cameron reunion that you probably didn’t expect (or particularly want) is finally happening. Deadline reports that the Titanic star has signed on for a starring role in “the ongoing Avatar adventure.” According to a statement from director James Cameron, Winslet will play the role of Ronal.

Likely due to story reasons, we don’t know which of the four (!) Avatar sequels Winslet will appear in—like Sigourney Weaver in the first movie, maybe this character played by a former leading Cameron actress won’t make it to the end. But then again, we’re not here to speculate on movies that are coming out in 2020, which feels like eons from now.

Production on all four sequels began last week, offering us a look at the new young cast members of the franchise. Winslet is set to star in The Mountain Between Us opposite Idris Elba, and will appear in Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel. The first Avatar sequel is set for Dec. 18, 2020.

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