The Russo Brothers Tease Avengers: Infinity War Trailer With Apparent Countdown

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The Russo Brothers Tease Avengers: Infinity War Trailer With Apparent Countdown

The fans of the nearly 10-year-old Marvel Cinematic Universe are a ravenous bunch. As Avengers: Infinity War promises to be the biggest film in the shared universe thus far, co-directors Anthony and Joe Russo have been badgered constantly for updates on when the first Infinity War official trailer will finally hit. The brothers, known to MCU fans for their cryptic social media teases, have hinted at a trailer release as early as three days from now.

A visit to their Instagram or Facebook page will return this cheeky tease:

Most fans have interpreted this post to be a countdown, with a trailer due to arrive in three days. Other possibilities include a Dec. 3 release, or perhaps just that the “3” represents Infinity War being the third Avengers film. Maybe “3” is just the Russos’ favorite digit.

Earlier in the month, the brothers Russo had another funny response to inquiries about the forthcoming trailer, encouraging MCU fans to exercise patience:

Regarding your demands for the release of the Infinity War trailer . . .

A post shared by The Russo Brothers (@therussobrothers) on

But ultimately, impatience prevailed, with a Redditor; on /r/marvelstudios leaking numerous screenshots of the trailer (the screenshots have since been removed from that Reddit post). A phone camera-quality version of the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con trailer is also floating around the net, although the first official trailer/teaser will be different.

Check back with Paste later this week, when the Avengers: Infinity War trailer is expected to hit the web. The mega-crossover event will be in theaters on May 3, 2019.

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