You Can Rent Tony Stark’s Avengers: Endgame Cabin on Airbnb

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You Can Rent Tony Stark’s Avengers: Endgame Cabin on Airbnb

Warning: Spoilers ahead, so if you somehow still haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame at this point, exit stage left.


Post-Thanos Snap, we saw Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, retreat to a lakefront cabin and retirement home of sorts, where he could raise his daughter away from the hero hubbub of Avengers: Endgame.

And while Tony left his cozy cabin to save the world—again, the home ultimately became where Tony could finally “rest now” as the site of his heart-wrenching funeral.

Now, diehard fans can experience the cabin’s solace for themselves. That’s right: Tony Stark’s cabin is available for rent on Airbnb.

Located in rural Fairburn, Ga., the cabin sits by Bouckaert Farm, just 30 minutes from Atlanta. So it’s the perfect spot for your next Atlanta respite.

The Airbnb listing’s modest description depicts the house as a “lakeside cabin in the woods”—and only 20 minutes away from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. We’re sure that little amenity helped production haul all those actors on site.

At first the description had no mention of the abode’s connection to Iron Man, but a few unscrupulous Reddit users put the pieces together by comparing photos of the listing to image of Tony’s funeral and scenes in the cabin from the movie.

After closer inspection, the cabin is clearly where the Stark family resided during Endgame and, sadly, where Stark found his final resting place.

Since the Reddit discovery, the cabin’s description—and price—has been amended.

Avengers Endgame fans,” the listing now reads. “Would you like to stay in Tony Stark’s cabin? This is the iconic cabin in the movie!”

But with no smoking or parties, the cabin may not be the best spot for Iron Man devotees to throw a raging costume party, though, with free WiFi, you have free rein to brag on Instagram about staying in a cabin from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

You better make sure to act fast. Once at $335 a night but now skyrocketing to $800 a night, the three-bedroom, three-bath lodging costs a pretty penny. And we expect rates to continue to climb as more Avengers fans get the memo and fill up the Airbnb calendar.

But still, we still love this cabin 3,000. You can find it on Airbnb here.

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