Watch the First Trailer for Baywatch Because You Owe Dwayne Johnson That Much

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Watch the First Trailer for Baywatch Because You Owe Dwayne Johnson That Much

Rebooting Baywatch always seemed like an iffy idea, even with Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron in it, since the original show is such a product of its time. So to get over that hurdle, it looks like the creative team behind the movie decided to ape another modern comedy reboot. The first trailer for Baywatch is out, and they 21 Jump Street-ed it.

After a purposely over-the-top intro where Johnson performs impossibly heroic feats that he could probably do in real life, Rob Huebel drops the line, “It’s up to us to restore the Baywatch brand,” which, if you just replaced the title, could be ripped straight out of one of Nick Offerman’s scenes in the Jump Street movies. Then Zac Efron shows up as the reckless, hot gold medal winner to give Dwayne Johnson somebody to bounce off of. The two seem to have good chemistry, and we know they both have comedic chops, so if nothing else, the movie has that going for it. Then we get the obligatory jokes about not staring at the lifeguards’ boobs and people running in slow-motion because it’s Baywatch. This movie definitely has more baggage to deal with than the Jump Street movies did, but if it can minimize those tired Baywatch jokes and just have Johnson and Efron on screen as much as possible, it might be a solid comedy.

Baywatch comes out on May 26. Watch the trailer embedded above.

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