Netflix’s Bright Sequel Confirmed

Will Smith, Joel Edgerton and David Ayer will all be back

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Netflix’s Bright Sequel Confirmed

Netflix confirmed Wednesday that they are moving forward with a Bright sequel. The sequel will see both Will Smith and Joel Edgerton reprising their lead roles. Smith plays L.A. cop Daryl Ward, and Edgerton plays the LAPD’s first orc officer, Nick Jakoby. David Ayer, according to Variety, will come back to direct the sequel and he will also write it, replacing the first film’s screenwriter, Max Landis. Bryan Unkeless and Eric Newman are also set to return to produce.

Netflix’s announcement, preceded by recent reports, came with a comical video showing orc auditions for a sequel, noting that the auditions are now closed. Bright’s success is a monumental feat for Netflix, despite critics’ negative responses. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of just 28 percent but millions of viewers, Bright is another polarizing Ayer film that splits audiences and critics. Ayer also received polarizing responses for 2016’s Suicide Squad. Bright become the highest-viewed Netflix original film of all time within its launch week. Internationally and domestically, Bright is now the number-one movie on Netflix.

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