Super-Not-So-Heroic Origin Story Brightburn Gets a Final Trailer

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Super-Not-So-Heroic Origin Story Brightburn Gets a Final Trailer

Just because he’s super doesn’t mean he’s a hero. Director David Yarovesky’s twisted take on the superhero genre, Brightburn, received a final trailer on Monday, and it’s clear we’re not in Marvel territory. Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 director James Gunn produced this sinister version of the origin story, which stars Jackson A. Dunn as the creepy kid in a cape and Elizabeth Banks as his tormented mother.

Based on the trailer, it appears Brightburn is going to rely on some classic horror movie elements. What’s creepier than a psychotic child stalking his own mother? A psychotic child in a mask, of course. Nothing shown explains exactly why Superman-but-make-him-evil is so hellbent on destruction, but we do get an intense shot of glass being pulled out of an eyeball. Yikes.

“I wanna do good, mom,” Dunn says flatly. “I do.”

Why don’t we believe you, kid?

Brightburn opens May 24. Watch the final trailer below and revisit previous clips from the film here.

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