Star Wars Fans Hold Lightsaber Vigils in Honor of Carrie Fisher

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Star Wars fans held a lightsaber vigil for Carrie Fisher at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, Calif., last night, with hundreds of people reportedly turning out to honor the actress and writer. Instead of candles, fans wielded lightsabers to honor Fisher’s most famous role, a day after she died following a heart attack.

A number of Alamo Drafthouse theaters have similar events planned to honor Fisher, including screenings of other, non-Star Wars Fisher films. The Mason Park, Lubbock and Littleton, Texas, locations will have their own lightsaber vigils on Friday, Dec. 30. The Alamo Drafthouse in Omaha, Neb., will have screenings of The ‘Burbs and When Harry Met Sally on Jan. 5 and Jan. 6, respectively, with proceeds from the showings going to the Kim Foundation, which, like Fisher did in her lifetime, works to reduce the stigma around mental illness.

Park North, Laredo and Market Place Alamo Drafthouses will be holding free screenings of The Blues Brothers over the weekend and accepting donations to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance in San Antonio. The Dallas and Richardson, Texas, locations are in the process of organizing screenings of When Harry Met Sally, The ‘Burbs and The Blues Brothers to benefit the American Heart Association, the International Bipolar Foundation, Humanist Hub, the ASPCA, The Midnight Mission and My Possibilities, along with memorial events featuring lightsaber vigils and an appearance by the fan organization the 501st Legion, though dates and times have yet to be determined.

The cinema chain said in a press release:

Attendees are encouraged to dress up as their favorite Star Wars characters, bring along as many lightsabers as you own, and invite your fellow Wookiees, Bounty Hunters, Ewoks, and Stormtroopers. No lightsaber? Flashlights and glow sticks are also encouraged as we attempt to brighten the sky and say thank you to a woman who inspired us on and off the screen.

You can watch footage from the lightsaber vigil in Los Angeles below.

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