Deadpool Blu-ray Tops Amazon’s Bestselling Romance Chart

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Last winter’s Deadpool was a light, tenderhearted tale of one man’s journey to self-acceptance after a botched medical accident leaves him brutally scarred.

Or at least, that’s what this trailer humorously attempted to bill it as. To the rest of the world, Deadpool was a raunchy, extremely R-rated adult superhero flick that pissed off parents and made a fuck-ton: $760 million at the box office.

In his review, Paste contributor Brogan Morris noted that the film was “gory, profane and loaded with sex jokes” in addition to being stuffed with “‘taboo’ ingredients” including “sex montages, f-bombs, TJ Miller riffing obscenely” and “so much flagrant murder.”

However, it appears that there is still one rather large entity who took Deadpool’s satirical Valentine’s Day marketing to heart: Amazon. As one Reddit user points out, according to Amazon’s current Best Sellers list, the Deadpool Blu-ray currently charts at number one in Action and Adventure, as well as in the … Romance category


It’s not all completely bewildering. A glance through the other top-selling “romance” movies reveals other cinema classics that Deadpool obviously took influence from, like Top Gun, the story of one man’s special, deadly relationship with a flying murder machine. Or, further down the list, Castaway, the story of one man’s special relationship with a volleyball.

Perhaps the marketing team can trick Amazon into billing the forthcoming sequel as a film concerned with Faith and Spirituality next.

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