YouTube Series Imagines How Famous Film Directors Would Craft Recipes

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YouTube Series Imagines How Famous Film Directors Would Craft Recipes

A new short film series on YouTube poses (and attempts to answer) a simple question: What might it look like it Quentin Tarantino made spaghetti? Or more accurately, what might it look like if Tarantino filmed the making of spaghetti?

#FoodFilms is a cute new series of what is currently four short films from a YouTuber named David Ma, whose profile describes him as a “food artist and director.” So far, the series has tackled four directors: Tarantino, Wes Anderson, Michael Bay and Alfonso Cuaron.

Although Ma manages to get the general tone right on the likes of Tarantino—the arterial spray of the tomato is a nice touch—the best-executed entry is definitely “S’mores by Wes Anderson,” which deftly captures the director’s easily parodied style, color aesthetic and accompanying harpsichord music.

Less effective in our opinion is the Cuaron video making pancakes, which takes obvious inspiration from Gravity but doesn’t really dabble into the rest of Cuaron’s filmography. We can’t help but think that the director may simply have been too complex a subject to accurately sum up in the space of a 60-second pancake video.

Still, the four videos are fun watches. Hopefully, Ma will continue adding more #foodfilms in the future, as the initial four seem to have generated some good buzz. In fact, we have some suggestions for ones he could tackle next:

– Steak by Martin Scorsese (because pasta was already claimed by the Tarantino video)
– Bulgogi by Bong Joon-ho
– Blood pudding by Peter Jackson (that’s early career Peter Jackson)
– Fried green tomatoes by John Waters
– A pile of garbage by Tommy Wiseau

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