J.K. Simmons Got Frighteningly Ripped to Play Justice League‘s Chain-Smoking Police Commissioner

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We’ve known for some time now that J.K. Simmons is joining the DC Extended Universe as old Batman ally Commissioner Jim Gordon, and thanks to the enthusiastic Instagram of Hollywood personal trainer Aaron Williamson, we have some idea of what Simmons will look like in the role. As with many actors joining a superhero franchise for the first time, Simmons has been training in preparation for his role, though the Academy Award winner appears to have gotten a bit … overzealous.

He’s making me look bad. #JKSimmons #AintPlayinNoGames;

A photo posted by Aaron Williamson (@aaronvwilliamson) on

Saturday morning, 61 years old & making the young generation jealous. This is what dedication looks like. #JKSimmons;

A photo posted by Aaron Williamson (@aaronvwilliamson) on

Taking a page out of the Zack Snyder handbook, Simmons has opted for the cross-fit route of character design, and thanks to the magic of his hilariously hashtagged #OldManCranking, now looks ready to wrestle a bear to death and/or cosplay as Major Armstrong; from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

We’d like to take this time to remind you that Jim Gordon is the graying, chain-smoking commissioner of one of the most soul-crushing cities in popular fiction. As you can see, this does not leave him much time to get jacked.

DC Jim Gordon.jpg

We look forward to Justice League’s extended scenes of Batman and Gordon trying to out-flex each other as the Bat Signal rages in the night sky, presumably extolling the virtues of the #OldManCranking all night long.

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