Zack Snyder Fans Are Staging a Protest to Demand the Lost “Snyder Cut” of Justice League

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Zack Snyder Fans Are Staging a Protest to Demand the Lost “Snyder Cut” of Justice League

We knew that there still had to be some intense 300 and Watchmen-era Zack Snyder fans out there, but this is still something of a surprise. Despite the fact that Snyder is often mocked these days as a director of several ill-fated DC Comics “DCU” films, he still commands a big enough fandom that they apparently really want to see what the most recent Justice League would have looked like as a 100 percent Zack Snyder project. In fact, they want to see that film so much that they’re staging a “peaceful protest” outside of Warner Bros. Burbank L.A. offices to demand as much. The leader? A YouTube by the name of “ItzMoe,” who writes the following:

Join me (ITZMOE on YouTube) and other Snyder fans as we take a photo in front of Warner Bros. with a #ReleaseTheSnyderCut sign while wearing our Zack Snyder shirts/ DC shirts, & costumes to (peacefully) show our support for the release of a Snyder cut of Justice League! After we take the photo, we will all share it on ALL of our social media so hopefully it will spread and get it to Zack himself so he can see it, like he saw the “Thank You Zack Snyder” video I made!

PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY SIGNS. I will have the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut sign and that is the ONLY sign that we want in the photo so the focus will be on that, so instead of bringing a sign, just wear any shirts you have supporting Zack, DC, or Justice League cosplay you may have.

ABSOLUTELY NO SHIRTS/ SIGNS INSULTING WB/ JOSS/ ETC. WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE PHOTO!* We want to show support for Zack Snyder, so we want to focus on our support and love for him and his work, NOT dissing others, so DO NOT bring shirts/ signs insulting others or you won’t be allowed in the photo. We don’t want to embarrass Zack and give Zack Snyder fans a bad name. We want to show him how much we appreciate him and make this a photo that he would be happy to share. PLEASE share this around everywhere so we can have a large group in the photo supporting Zack and his JL cut!!!

Potentially problematic is the fact that it’s not really concrete that such a “Zack Snyder cut” exists. The production of Justice League was troubled, and at times was reportedly intended to be two films rather than one—the second of which would have more directly involved DC supervillain Darkseid, the direct superior of Justice League’s much-maligned CGI villain Steppenwolf. It’s unknown if the material shot by Zack Snyder forms a coherent, full film on its own—or at least one more coherent than the end product ended up being, after reshoots and added dialog from Joss Whedon. In short, we really don’t know if what the group is asking for is even a possibility, although you can read a lengthy list of supposed deletions and edits from the Zack Snyder version that at least gives a hint of how the film might have been different. Spoiler: There’s actually quite a bit more content (including Darkseid) in this version.

The group is staging their protest this coming Saturday, Jan. 6. You can check out the (still very tiny) Facebook group for the event here, but who knows—if there’s actually a bunch of DC/Snyder superfans out there waiting to come out of the woodwork, this thing could snowball.

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