Steven Soderbergh Is (Already!) Back with the Kimi Trailer

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Steven Soderbergh Is (Already!) Back with the Kimi Trailer

Hot off the heels of last year’s No Sudden Move, Steven Soderbergh is back with a trailer for his upcoming release Kimi, penned by Spider-Man and Jurassic Park screenwriter David Koepp.

The trailer features an agoraphobic, blue-haired Zoe Kravitz running around a city wrecked with protests and COVID Run Lola Run-style after accidentally recording evidence of a murderous crime in a data stream. She frequently speaks to Kimi, a vaguely threatening, glowing purple device that looks similar to an Amazon Alexa. No matter where Kravitz’s character goes, Kimi is always right there. Is this The Conversation for-the-digital-age update that we’ve been waiting for?

One would be hard-pressed to think of a more prolific Hollywood director working today than Steven Soderbergh. Along with No Sudden Move, Soderbergh most recently came out with Let Them All Talk (2020), The Laundromat (2019), High Flying Bird (2019) and, who can forget, Unsane (2018), Soderbergh’s last venture into the digi-verse? It was also announced back in November that Soderbergh would be returning, along with Kravitz’s current flame Channing Tatum, for Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

2022 is also gearing up to be a big Kravitz year—along with Kimi, Kravitz is set to star as Catwoman in the new Batman update, due in March. Fans were disappointed when her role as Rob Brooks was cut short with Hulu’s cancellation of High Fidelity, so hopefully this will fill the Kravitz-wearing-a-hoodie shaped hole in their hearts.

Keep up with Kimi here:

Kimi hits HBO Max on February 10.

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