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There are literally thousands of films out there that were made using LEGOs, often termed “brickfilms,” and that number is only sure to grow following the release of The LEGO Movie. A simple Google search or a few clicks around YouTube can yield hours of results, created by amateurs as well as exclusively brick-filmmaking studios. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Fell In Love With A Girl
Who can forget Michel Gondry’s groundbreaking White Stripes’ music video for “Fell in Love With a Girl?” Even more than 10 years later, this short film is still a stunning piece of brick art, and unique in that it uses the actual bricks themselves as the characters bodies, rather than using the more common method of filming the LEGO figures themselves.

2. Monty Python and the Holy Grail in LEGO
Many of the most timeless cult classic films have been covered in LEGO, but few done so well as this scene from Monty Python by Spite Your Face Productions. This short was included on the Monty Python and the Holy Grail Deluxe Edition DVD.

3. Henri & Edmond – Le Nouveau Voisin (Henri & Edmond – The New Neighbor)
The Henri & Edmond short films, by French director Maxime Marion, are arguably the most cinematic LEGO movies out there, while still maintaining a distinctly French feel. The shots, fades, lighting and effects are clean and professional, while the score and quirky dialogue keep the plot moving. In a perfect world, there would be an entire series of Henri & Edmond shorts or even a feature film from these filmmakers. N’est-ce pas?

4. The Dandelion
The Dandelion is a funny little short from Daniel Utecht and Plastic Planet Productions. It is a great example of how simple stories done well can outshine projects with more manpower, or in this case, LEGO power, behind them.

5. En rejse til manen (Journey to the Moon)
The first known “brickfilm” ever made, En rejse til manen (Journey to the Moon) was created in 1973 by Danish filmmakers Lars C. Hassing and Henrik Hassing. The silent short was filmed on Super 8 film and was only released to the public in 2013 on YouTube. This short is innovative for its day and fun to watch, particularly when considering the primitive LEGOs with which the creators had to work.

6. Lego Shopping
Lego Shopping was one of the most innovative brickfilms of those listed in terms of utilizing the actual bricks for the effects. The story was laugh-out-loud funny as well, which kept this short a head above many, many others out there.

7. LEGO Who
Here is a music video for The Who’s classic “My Generation” that uses the actual LEGO figures, and not much else. However, the editing and continuity are good and the stop-motion very smooth, which really holds the film together. More than that, the mini plastic band vents their frustrations at the end, making for an especially good chuckle. Who knew these little smiling gents could be so badass?

8. Lego Who Would Win in a Fight? Bilbo or Frodo? Brickfilm
While the sound and dialogue in this LEGO short are not the best, the actual stop-motion and the premise of the film are spot on. Add to that this is merely one of over a dozen Hobbit/Lord of the Rings shorts (second favorite being “The Hobbit Shake” a Harlem Shake Video) created by talented 13 year-old Gabriel Clifft. Watch this space.

9. Lego Operating Room: Special Delivery
Sometimes corny is the best kind of humor and using Legos as the medium of choice just seems to fit the bill.

10. LEGO Ninjago Green Ninja Ice Cream
Filmmaker “Monsieur Caron” seems to be one of the more prolific brickfilm-makers in a growing industry. The action sequence in this simple short film is exemplary of the medium’s versatility and fun.

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