Luca Guadagnino to Reunite with Timothée Chalamet for “Horror Love Story” Bones & All

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Luca Guadagnino to Reunite with Timothée Chalamet for “Horror Love Story” Bones & All

Luca Guadagnino will be revisiting both one of his muses and a recent genre of interest, as the director is reportedly at work on a new film titled Bones & All, described as a “horror love story.” The film would star Guadagnino’s Call Me By Your Name star Timothée Chalamet while also reuniting the director with Suspiria remake screenwriter David Kajganich. Reportedly joining Chalamet would be Waves breakout star Taylor Russell, presumably completing the romantic duo.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all the direct details we have on Bones & All, which is based on Camille DeAngelis’ 2016 young adult novel, but it’s hard not to get excited about the prospect of seeing Guadagnino work with Chalamet again, especially in a genre as different as horror—you have to imagine that the tone here will be pretty different from Call Me By Your Name. Perhaps if the film also brought Armie Hammer back into the fold, they could play off that troubled star’s real-life cannibalism fantasy accusations for some ripped-from-the-headlines horror?

Guadagnino, regardless, has been extremely busy as of late, and he’s working on a plethora of projects currently. At Universal, he’s been attached to a modernized version of Scarface, while he’s also teaming up with producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg for a biopic on Hollywood pimp Scotty Bowers. Simultaneously, Guadagnino is also meant to be working on a Lord of the Flies adaptation at Warner Bros., which begs the question of when he would even have time to work on the likes of Bones & All.

Here’s hoping that this one doesn’t fall by the wayside with all of the director’s other commitments, or doesn’t suffer for him stretching himself too thin. We’ll bring you more info as it breaks.

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