Octavia Spencer Knows Best in Blumhouse’s Ma Trailer

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Octavia Spencer Knows Best in Blumhouse’s Ma Trailer

Blumhouse Productions has released a new trailer for the film Ma that proves Octavia Spencer is not a regular ma, she’s a cool ma.

Ma, directed by Tate Taylor, is a psychological thriller that introduces a group of party-hungry teens to a lonely woman named Ma (Spencer), who has a pretty kickin’ basement and an insatiable hunger for validation.

Spencer previously worked with Taylor on The Help, which won her an Oscar.

Taylor told Variety in an interview:

Octavia is so damn likable that we usually see her in certain roles. But she’s such a good actress and this is such a complex character that if I do my job right, people in the audience are going to want to push pause and say, “Can we please take you out for coffee so you don’t do what you’re about to do.”

The film gets its theatrical release on May 31 from Universal Pictures. Watch Spencer unhinge in the new trailer below, and kiss your ma goodbye.

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