Shia LaBeouf’s Man Down Tripled its Ticket Sales … By Selling Two Tickets

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Shia LaBeouf’s Man Down Tripled its Ticket Sales … By Selling Two Tickets

Well, this a shame … After an insanely dismal weekend at the U.K. box office for Shia LaBeouf’s new film, Man Down, where there was only one—yes, one—ticket sold for the film, ticket sales have now tripled, with a total of three. So far, according to box office stats, Man Down has made about £21 ( the equivalent of about $26). Yikes. That’s ultra-flop territory.

According to THR, who spoke to the manager of the cinema that sold all three tickets (eventually, some lucky cinephile is going to have these tickets framed in the back of their creepy movie dungeon), Man Down is expected to end its theatrical run this Thursday with only those three tickets sold, which has really got to be a blow to the confidence. Sure, Shia LaBeouf is kind of a blowhard, but that’s still tough to see, y’know? But even more devastating is the fact that this film premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2015, which is closer to being two years ago than not. So, it’s not necessarily a spring chicken, this film. And while it can be seen through VOD services and iTunes, it’s unlikely that this news will generate much more revenue, outside of pure morbid curiosity.

There does seem to be a silver lining to this whole thing, besides audiences generally bailing on Shia, which is, admittedly, kind of hilarious. Basically, anyone can go make a movie for significantly less money and make more money in a local theater, then say their flick earned more than Shia LaBeouf’s Man Down. It’s happened before, and it could happen to you.

Again, Man Down is available through Amazon Instant Video and iTunes. Also, if the three people who saw Man Down this weekend read Paste, we’d love to know what you thought of your recent trip to the cinema.

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