AMC Challenges MoviePass with New $20/Month Ticket Subscriptions

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AMC Challenges MoviePass with New $20/Month Ticket Subscriptions

While AMC has had their Stubs member benefits program rolling since 2011, the theater giant is about to make a key addition to Stubs that should give MoviePass a run for their money. Starting immediately on Tuesday, June 26, AMC Stubs A-List members can pay $19.95 per month to see three movies per week, the theater chain announced Wednesday.

Though subscribers’ three tickets don’t roll over from week to week, they can buy them in advance, in any format, and can do so online instead of relying solely on a glitchy phone app. Though the program costs twice as much as MoviePass, those are three key legs up on the pioneering subscription service. Perhaps most importantly, Stubs A-List is connected directly to the AMC point-of-sale system, so consumers will no longer have to face down awkward interactions at the box office.

This news comes on the heels of concerns that MoviePass is not long for this world, especially after they appear to have shilled way too hard for notorious stinker Gotti. Though MoviePass seemed like the best new thing mere months ago, its shine has worn off for many customers who are frustrated with the company’s restrictive technology, wishy-washy purchasing limitations and sub-par customer service.

MoviePass and AMC have been at war for quite a while now, with the latter constantly railing against the former for cheapening the moviegoing experience. Now, it looks like AMC is ready to play ball, offering a service that will likely only be unattractive to people who live far away from an AMC, are infrequent moviegoers, or are more interested in limited-release and independent fare.

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