Watch the Teaser for Dee Rees’ “Epic” Netflix Film Mudbound

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Watch the Teaser for Dee Rees’ “Epic” Netflix Film Mudbound

Dee Rees might have had a tough time finding a distributor for her new film, but Netflix took a chance on it, and if the teaser trailer for Mudbound is any indication, she might reward them with heaps of awards. The film, written by Virgil Williams about two families in Mississippi, deals with racial tensions and PTSD.

According to Variety, studios were nervous about funding “a period movie about race,” due to Nate Parker’s The Birth of a Nation, a Nat Turner biopic, becoming a box office dud. Studios apparently think that one period movie about racial tensions flopping means that all period movies about race will flop—it’s not like rape allegations against Nate Parker were the cause of the failure or anything.

Mudbound will premiere on Netflix on Nov. 17. It will also premiere in some theaters, which is how you know Netflix is courting Oscar voters who might not consider a direct-to-streaming title a fit candidate for awards.

Remember this one. You might be hearing its title alongside the words “first Netflix movie to be nominated in this category” very soon.

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