Duncan Jones’ Mute Is Reportedly Hitting Netflix Next Month

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Duncan Jones’ Mute Is Reportedly Hitting Netflix Next Month

Here’s the good cinematic news we needed to start off 2018 on a hopeful note: Duncan Jones’ long-awaited Mute is coming to Netflix, and it’s coming quite soon, according to the director—who just days ago shared a touching tribute to his late father, David Bowie. According to Jones, we could be seeing Mute hit Netflix within a month, and hopefully before the end of February.

Mute has been described as the “spiritual sequel” to Jones’ much-praised 2009 hard sci-fi movie Moon, which starred Sam Rockwell in a tour de force performance as a lonely astronaut unraveling a mystery in a mining base on the dark side of the moon. Mute, on the other hand, takes place back on Earth, in a Blade Runner-looking future full of neon and mist. Here’s what we know, in terms of plot and setting:

Berlin. Forty years from today. Leo Beiler, a mute bartender, searches for his missing girlfriend, Naadirah, in the rolling city of immigrants where two American surgeons are the only recurring clues. Alexander Skarsgård as Leo Beiler, a mute man with a violent past. Paul Rudd as “Cactus” Bill, an American surgeon. Justin Theroux as Duck Teddington, Cactus’ partner and best friend.

Futuristic M*A*S*H*, anybody? Sounds like one part noir, one part science fiction, and entirely a nerd dream come true. It also sounds like a great return to Jones’ roots after the venture into Hollywood filmmaking that resulted in the uneven Warcraft adaptation. One thing is certain: Mute is a film that fans of Moon and the underrated Source Code have been waiting a while to see, and it’s very exciting to know that the release date is now so near. Said Jones to Deadline, back in 2015:

“I’ve been working towards making Mute for 12 years now. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that we’re finally going to shoot this utterly unique film…The fact that I get to make it with Alexander Skarsgard and Paul Rudd makes it all the more exciting! Mute is a film that will last. It is unlike any other science fiction being made today.”

Can’t wait to see it, Duncan. We hope that Mute proves to be worth the wait.

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