Paul Thomas Anderson Reveals His Favorite Film of 2017 in Twitter Q&A

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Paul Thomas Anderson Reveals His Favorite Film of 2017 in Twitter Q&A

Phantom Thread director Paul Thomas Anderson took over his new film’s Twitter account ahead of the film’s nationwide expansion today, making each and every one of us wish that he had a Twitter to call his own. Over the course of the director’s four-hour Q&A (hashtagged #AskPTA), he shared a multitude of funny and informed opinions on pop culture (and food), heartening bits of advice for up-and-coming filmmakers, and hints as to what he has on tap next.

Of interest first and foremost was Anderson’s pick for the best film he saw in 2017: Luca Guadagnino’s acclaimed romantic drama Call Me By Your Name.

Indeed, Call Me By Your Name landed near the top of Paste’s ranking of last year’s best films—as did Anderson’s own Phantom Thread.

Keep scrolling for a number of other highlights from Anderson’s Q&A, and find a Phantom Thread showtime near you here.

On his favorite emerging filmmakers:

On what advice he would give to young, aspiring filmmakers and artists:

On the odds he’ll ever direct “a full-on horror movie”:

On whether he’ll work with Adam Sandler, Joaquin Phoenix, Tom Cruise or Amy Adams (respectively) again:

On Twin Peaks: The Return:

On his favorite Jonathan Demme movie, Haim song, Thomas Pynchon book and Prince song (respectively):

On the new generation of Star Wars characters:

On “prestige TV”:

On broccoli:

On his favorite Daniel Day-Lewis performance:

On whether he’ll direct more music videos:

On shooting Radiohead’s “Daydreaming” video:

On who owns that Boogie Nights prop:

On what food and drink to pair with Phantom Thread:

On his favorite characters from his films:

On directing Day-Lewis’ last performance:

On the Paddington movies:

On Rotten Tomatoes:

On director Yorgos Lanthimos:

On his favorite Will Ferrell and Alfonso Cuaron (respectively) movies:

On his favorite Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling (respectively) performances:

On which cartoon he would adapt:

And on his favorite Mike Leigh movies:

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