Russo Brothers May Have Confirmed An Appearance by Captain Marvel in Third Avengers Film

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The Russo brothers can’t stop talking about the third installment of Marvel’s Avengers franchise, but we’re not gonna fault them for that now. Especially as more and more “accidental” leaks about the film’s core story surface and fans get a better grasp on where this epic clash plans to take fans and its characters.

The creative duo behind this spring’s box office smash Captain America: Civil War has already confirmed the appearance of 68 Marvel universe characters in the films, which we reported last week would no longer be titled Infinity War: Part 1 and Part 2.

Now, after speaking at a Marvel event hosted by the Smithsonian Institute this past Friday, the Russo brothers seemingly confirmed that the eagerly anticipated character Captain Marvel will make her big screen debut at some point during either film.

News of the leak surfaced after fans who attended the event tweeted that one of the brother’s name-dropped Captain Marvel, before trying to recover with “Um… Captain Barvel. Totally different character.”

The production of Captain Marvel was first announced back in 2014, but then had its release date pushed back to March 2019 from July 2018 in order to make some room for Ant-Man and the Wasp. Although that decision incited ire from some fans, who have long-awaited a female-fronted Marvel film, Captain Marvel wasn’t the only character to get a production nudge. Marvel also pushed back the release date for Black Panther and recently removed Inhumans from its release calendar.

As of now, no announcement has been made as to who will play the Air Force pilot Carol Danvers.

Although the Russos didn’t deliver the smoothest recovery we’ve ever seen at the Smithsonian event, the reveal certainly gives us confidence that Infinity War won’t just be a hodgepodge of cameos. It’s likely laying an exciting and extensive groundwork for the next major stages of the MCU.

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