Watch a Clip from the New Season of Samurai Jack

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Watch a Clip from the New Season of Samurai Jack

Next month will see the return/conclusion to the beloved animated series Samurai Jack. We’re all excited over here at Paste, and everything points to a classic return to form and hopefully a satisfying conclusion. Thankfully, while we wait, the merciful lords at Adult Swim have shared an exclusive clip.

It’s great, showcasing a masked warrior seemingly defending a small blue alien family against a bunch of large robotic bugs. Starting out, he’s seen riding a motorcycle with spikes on his wheels, which is a pretty sweet deal. He then breaks out a giant trident and a gun, making short work of the big bugs, before his mask gets knocked off. This reveals none other than a bearded Jack, weathered by years of time travel, fighting and separation from his family. If this is a real indication of the final season, then bring it on.

Samurai Jack premieres on March 11 on Adult Swim—check out the new clip above. If you’re interested in the dark direction the show is going, read more on that here, and take a look at the full trailer for the final season here.

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