Antoine Fuqua to Remake Scarface with Universal

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Antoine Fuqua is riding the inane remake train. His remake of The Magnificent Seven is out next month, and he’s already in talks to remake Scarface, which is, itself, a remake.

The purpose of a remake is to breathe life into something forgotten, but has anyone actually forgotten the Al Pacino cult classic? The answer you’re looking for is no.

Per Deadline, Fuqua plans on transporting the 1983 film to present-day Los Angeles. Like the original, the re-imagining will be the timeless immigrant rags-to-riches tale. That and blood and drugs. Lots of those.

For what it’s worth, Marty Bregman, producer of Brian De Palma’s Scarface, will also produce Fuqua’s.

This is happening, whether we like it or not. (We don’t like it. Not one bit.)

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