Seinfeld – Season 4 (DVD)

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Seinfeld – Season 4 (DVD)

With Seinfeld in perpetual rerun, you might wonder why anyone would shell out $50 to own it on DVD. After all, most of us have seen these shows so many times we can pull up classic scenes in our minds faster than we can fumble with a remote control and a DVD menu.

But if you were only to buy one set of Seinfeld discs, Season 4 is your best bet. This is the season that includes “Bubble Boy,” “The Pitch,” “The Junior Mint,” and “The Contest,” the episode that established Jerry Seinfeld as the Master of His Domain and hooked the nation on a show about nothing.

Deleted scenes, a look behind the scenes, audio commentaries, new clips of Jerry’s standup, and 1-2 minutes extra per episode (the original network versions, not seen in syndication)—the DVD set is loaded with special features that let you obsess over the show the way George would, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Having the gang back in your living room is like a surprise visit from old college friends. You don’t mind how long they stay and can’t believe they still make you laugh as hard as they do.

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