Seth Rogen is Adapting a Where’s Waldo? Movie

Seth Rogen's production company is set to bring the elusive children's book character to life.

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Remember the hugely popular children’s book Where’s Wally? Or as American and Canadian kids know the elusive character, Waldo. Well, apparently Waldo has been spotted at Hollywood’s MGM studios, being developed into a live action movie. Okay.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s production company, Grey Point pictures, is set to bring the perpetually-lost book character to life. Early versions of the script are said to have featured Wally, as the Brits refer to him, traveling back in time to find his love interest, Wilma.

No word yet on who will play the bespectacled nomad, but whoever it is must able to pull off horizontal red and white stripes—a bold, yet potentially rewarding sartorial choice.

The first of the Where’s Wally? books was published in 1987 with large, elaborate illustrations spread across two pages. The books challenge readers to locate the eponymous Wally among hundreds and thousands of other people and diversions.

The movie has been in development for a while, with Todd Berger as the most recent writer to join the scripting team.

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