Felicity Jones May Not Be Done with Star Wars Yet

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Rogue One is subtitled A Star Wars Story in part because it’s intended to be a single story, separate from the new episodes that began with last year’s Force Awakens. During interviews for the film, director Gareth Edwards pointed out that Rogue One already has a “sequel”: A New Hope.

All of this would suggest that the actors at the center of the film, including star Felicity Jones, would be unlikely to return to the Star Wars universe. In spite of that sound logic, THR is reporting that Jones’ contract contains an option for a sequel.

Of course, speculation as to what that sequel could be about would move into spoiler territory, but the Oscar-nominated actress, who was also the film’s highest-paid cast member, could return to this particular corner of a galaxy far, far away.

For what it’s worth, when asked about the possibility of a Rogue One sequel, Jones reportedly said, “It’s set up for one. I mean, there’s a number in the title.”

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