Fans Petition to Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes After Negative Suicide Squad Reviews

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What’s the only logical thing to do when a movie that is perfect in your eyes receives less than stellar reviews?

Petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes. Because that totally makes sense. That’s DC fanboys for you.

Suicide Squad diehards are unbelievably upset that their precious film currently sits at a 33 percent on the site that simply aggregates reviews but does not review films itself.

The person who started the petition on, Abdullah Coldwater wants the site shut down because it tends to give the DC Extended Universe not-so-fresh reviews, which consequently affects people’s decisions to attend said movies. Coldwater later clarified the mission to say that the petition won’t actually shut down the site; rather, it’s a way to send a message to critics and to express anger.

Well, more than 11,000 people as of Wednesday morning have expressed their anger. We hope you get everything you wish for.

Of course, is it possible that both Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad received negative reviews because neither are good films?

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