The Asylum Has Created its Own Mockbuster Multiverse in 2025 Armageddon

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The Asylum Has Created its Own Mockbuster Multiverse in 2025 Armageddon

In this year of multiversal delights, as the likes of Everything Everywhere All at Once were plastering smiles on the faces of befuddled theatergoers everywhere, it somehow makes perfect sense that The Asylum would get in on the same action. The studio/distributor is after all the master of the mockbuster, that cheap and parodic quasi-genre of movie knockoffs that imitate better known films in an effort to exploit the same audiences. And indeed, The Asylum does have a rather rich film library to poach from after all these years, with dozens if not hundreds of creature features, alien thrillers and disaster movies under their belt. It’s a bit of a wonder that we never actually saw a shared “Asylum universe” until now, with the upcoming 2025 Armageddon, whose trailer you can see below.

The premise of 2025 Armageddon is delightfully meta, and you have to admire The Asylum for the chutzpah of writing a world where their own films are widely beloved blockbusters. What’s left but for malevolent aliens to pay a visit to that setting, where they use their advanced technology to bring the various beasts, monsters and villains of The Asylum’s films to life? Mankind is then left to fight back against a veritable dream team of B-movie monsters.

What films are being referenced here? Well, it’s a true who’s who of the company’s hits reel—there’s obviously some Sharknado in there, along with plenty of Mega Shark, some Transmorphers and Atlantic Rim as well. All in all, this is like The Avengers of bargain bin CGI-driven VOD filmmaking. The film is helmed by Taiwanese director Michael Su, who has already brought us the likes of Death Count, Bridge of the Doomed and Night of the Tommyknockers in 2022 alone.

Of course, this is The Asylum, so you have to expect some confusion and incompetence in actually trying to locate more information on the movie. Case in point: Despite the below trailer being on the official Asylum YouTube channel, there appears to be absolutely no mention of 2025 Armageddon on the studio’s official website. Nor is there any apparent information on how or where the film will be released, other than “release date: Dec. 23, 2022” on YouTube. In fact, one of the first Google results for 2025 Armageddon is a small theater in Minneapolis that claims to be showing the film TODAY, despite the fact that additional information about the movie is impossible to find. Will it suddenly hit VOD and streaming services this Friday? Impossible to say, but we certainly hope so.

Until the company finally graces us with more information, though, check out the absurd trailer below.

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