The Dude and Carrie Bradshaw Are Resurrected to Hawk Stella Artois in Super Bowl Ad

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The Dude and Carrie Bradshaw Are Resurrected to Hawk Stella Artois in Super Bowl Ad

Jeff Bridges mysteriously tweeted a clip of himself all Dude-ified up on Jan. 24, leading fans to speculate (either hopefully or, in many cases, reproachfully) that The Big Lebowski may be getting a follow-up. However, the date displayed at the end should have tipped viewers off—Feb. 3, or Super Bowl Sunday.

Yep, The Dude was trotted out to shill Stella Artois, of all beers. And while it’s a rather lame brew, made pretty much for uncles feeling fancy, it’s not the worst use of a character for an ad. Honestly, we’re mostly just relieved that there’s no Lebowski sequel in the works. Lightning does not strike twice.

At the same time, this trend kills us a little bit inside. While there was something playful about Macaulay Culkin stepping into Kevin’s shoes again in a Home Alone-themed Google Assistant ad, it’s just a tad soul-crushing to see beloved characters resurrected to sell random products. No matter how creative the commercial, it just seems like another iteration of our reboot-filled pop culture.

In this case, at least, there is an element of corporate responsibility. Sarah Jessica Parker shared a video on Instagram of herself as Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw, urging people to “Pour It Forward.” Stella is partnering with to help provide clean water to the developing world.

The ad itself plays on the signature drinks of The Dude and Carrie. The duo pass on their standard White Russian and Cosmopolitan, respectively, instead shocking the wait staff and ordering Stella. This is possibly the worst choice either of them have made (yes, even worse than Carrie cheating on Aidan with Mr. Big), but there’s still something charming about The Dude’s mispronunciation of “Stella Ar-toes.”

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