This New Trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence is Ridiculously Fun

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This New Trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence is Ridiculously Fun

20 years after Will Smith stopped a horde of aliens from decimating Earth, they’re back to try again in Independence Day: Resurgence. But despite two decades having passed, Earth’s response to the impending attacks remains the same in the sequel: We’ll fight to protect what’s ours, especially our famous landmarks.

In Independence Day: Resurgence’s present day, the international community and the United Nations have worked to fund and form the Earth Space Defense, a program that serves as both our first line of defense and an early warning system for impending extraterrestrial attacks. Created using the salvaged remains of alien technology from the first invasion, the program is home to our film’s new heroes, Captain Steven Hiller’s stepson pilot Dylan Dubrow-Hiller (Jessie Usher) and story-newcomer pilot Jake Morrison (Liam Hemsworth).

This latest totally epic trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence sees both of said heroes taking the lead in the battle to stop the deadly race of aliens—who have returned after receiving a distress call from their captured brethren—from destroying everything we love. On the brink of extinction, and facing an army of deep-space extraterrestrials who have also improved their technology since our last face-off, a few new and old heroes must step up to save Earth once again.

In addition to Usher and Hemsworth, the film stars Sela Ward as the newest president of the United States, though former President Whitmore (Bill Pullman) also plays a part in delivering overstated and premature inspirational speeches. Meanwhile, Jeff Goldblum’s David Levinson and Brent Spiner’s Dr. Brakish Okun are both back from the 1996 original, and, as the trailer proves, the two are more their characters than ever.

20th Century Fox is behind the big-budget film, which is slated to release in theaters on June 24. Roland Emmerich directed the sequel, while script-writing duties were split between Emmerich, Carter Blanchard and Dean Devlin. Watch the eye-popping trailer above.

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