The Room‘s Tommy Wiseau Is Apparently Making a Shark-Attack Movie Titled Big Shark

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The Room‘s Tommy Wiseau Is Apparently Making a Shark-Attack Movie Titled Big Shark

Oh, hai Meg! Quick: If you heard that Tommy Wiseau was directing a movie about a giant, killer shark, what do you think he would title it?

Big Shark? Sure. Sounds exactly right, and apparently that is indeed the title of the film, which would be Wiseau’s sophomore directorial effort after the 2003 disasterpiece classic The Room. One wonders why he wouldn’t have tried to make the film sooner, to take advantage of the holdover buzz from James Franco’s The Disaster Artist, but when it comes to Wiseau you can only shrug and say “who knows?”

Regardless, Big Shark certainly sounds like it would be a huge divergence from the overwrought melodrama of The Room—it sounds more like a low-budget film The Asylum would be producing as a Syfy original. All of our information on Big Shark comes from an announcement that Wiseau made before a screening of The Room this weekend at the Prince Charles Theatre in London, wherein he apparently stated that the film will be about “a shark terrorizing New Orleans” and a trio of heroic firefighters (Wiseau included) who try to stop it. He also shared a short teaser, which can be seen in grainy cell phone footage below. Still, it at least affirms that the Big Shark teaser did indeed happen.

Wiseau reportedly went on to state during a Q&A that the movie would be set in New Orleans, and was “inspired by his time there,” and that he hoped to both shoot and premiere the film in 2019. Sharp-eyed viewers will spot actor Greg Sestero in the teaser, who wrote The Disaster Artist and was reunited with Wiseau in last year’s Best F( r )iends, which Wiseau did not direct.

So, what do we make of this? The possibility of the entire project being a hoax or practical joke is something that can’t be entirely discounted, but Wiseau did apparently shoot some kind of footage, which isn’t something he’s done often since The Room. If Big Shark turns out to be real, it will undoubtedly be the bad movie event of the year. Let’s hope Wiseau shares some more details soon, as well as an official version of that teaser.

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