Sources Claim Top Gun 2 Unofficially Has an Official Director

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Sources Claim Top Gun 2 Unofficially Has an Official Director

Although Paramount refuses to comment on who will direct the impending Top Gun 2 (so Trump can’t leak it to the Russians, presumably), inside sources have told Variety that Joseph Kosinski is the guy. The director had previously worked with Cruise on a different kind of danger zone in 2013’s Oblivion. No official offer has been made, but Variety seems pretty confident in their spies’ assessment that one should be incoming soon, likely via F-16 fighter jet.

Cruise had evidently met with producers of the Top Gun sequel in an effort to ensure production could begin as soon as Cruise finished work on the forthcoming Mission Impossible 6. Despite the two having previously worked together, the minions reporting on this stuff claim it was Kosinski’s vision that ultimately won him the inside track on the job.

The new film will focus on drone technology and fifth-generation fighter jets, and will focus on the end of the traditional dogfighting era. If that sounds somewhat depressing—or like an aviation-themed Logan with less claws and more volleyball—it doesn’t help that Val Kilmer has reportedly asked to reprise his role as “Iceman,” despite looking like he may have eaten “Goose.”

Other details are appropriately vague, but click here for more on Cruise’s sequel announcement while we wait on the Bothan spies sacrificing their lives for more Top Gun 2 info.

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