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I joined Twitter back in 2009 when I heard I could directly communicate with Christopher Walken and express to him my love for his acting. Though that was a dud account, there are now many famous stars on Twitter, and it has granted the current generation a strange accessibility to the once untouchables. It’s hard to decide which celebrity twitter accounts to recommend, but some actors are so incredible they deserve to be followed, while others just have dang good twitter feeds. Are some of these feeds a touch ego-centric? Perhaps. But are we more interested in those egos than the charities they promote? I’ll let each reader answer that question at their own discretion.

1. Kristen Bell – @IMKristenBell
Twitter Bio: 5’1 is the new 6’2
Followers: 1.48M
Need for Feed: From doing the voiceover in Gossip Girl through to this year’s box office hit Frozen, Kristin Bell’s enchanting voice is only matched by her incredible acting skills and adorable expressions. With her profile pic as a twitter animal, she uses her feed for the greater good of helping animals in need and promoting information on education.

2. James Franco – @JamesFrancoTV
Twitter Bio: Actor. Writer. Director.
Followers: 2.05M
Need for Feed: Franco is the ideal celebrity Twitter user. With his book about fame, Actors Anonymous, and his writing about humanity’s hunger for fame tied with his acknowledgement of his own stardom, Twitter is a perfect vessel for one such as Franco to spout high-brow randomness.

3. Emma Watson – @EmWatson
Twitter Bio: British Actress
Followers: 13M
Need for Feed: Emma is bulldozing it out of the park with the followers, which must mean there are more Harry Potter fanatics than I already knew existed. If you want to know all about what she’s wearing, what movies she’s in, when they are coming out and where, look no further than her twitter feed.

4. Jonah Hill – @JonahHill
Twitter Bio: I wanted to start an official Twitter page to communicate with the awesome people who are interested in communicating with me. That means you, mom.
Followers: 4.17M
Need for Feed: Jonah has one of the sweetest, humblest feeds out there. As he states in his bio, he started the feed to communicate with his fans. His tweets reflect himself: funny and intelligent.

5. Anna Kendrick – @AnnaKendrick47
Twitter Bio: Pale, awkward and very very small. Form an orderly queue, gents.
Followers: 2.41M
Need for Feed: With as cute of an overbite as Gene Tierney and just as great of acting skills, Anna is an actress worthy of following. To top it off, she writes funny, insightful commentary and is the best friend you wished you had (why’d you have to be so pouty, Bella Swan?). Her handle is @AnnaKendrick47, which if you abbreviate turns into AK47.

6. Steve Martin – @SteveMartinToGo
Twitter Bio: A new CD/DVD with the Steep Canyon Rangers and Edie Brickell is out now.
Followers: 4.9M
Need for Feed: Steve Martin continues to write new chapters in his amazingly diverse career: standup legend, comic leading man,, banjo-playing maestro, novelist, etc. He continues to act, write and now tweet comedy. Currently, he seems to have an obsession with cows.

7. Pam Grier – @PamGrier
Twitter Bio: Interests: history, economics, veterinary science, music, art and philosophy. Plato believed that women should be leaders. Love Mom’s peach cobbler and animals.
Followers: 541K
Need for Feed: First off, Pam Grier actually follows back to us underlings. Some on this list only follow one person (you can figure out who), but Pam follows tens of thousands. She’s famous for starring in blaxploitation films like Foxy Brown, Tarantino’s Jackie Brown, and her work in The Real L Word. She posts about current events and cute animals alike.

8. Jim Carrey – @JimCarrey
Twitter Bio: Actor Jim Carrey!
Followers: 12.4M
Need for Feed: Jim Carrey’s feed is much of what you’d expect it to be: funny, weird and entertaining. Posting photos of inanimate objects and simply describing what they are, Jim brings a minimalist art and writing to an already minimal 140-character medium.

9. Carrie Fisher – @carrieffisher
Twitter Bio: Instant gratification takes too long.
Followers: 571K
Need for Feed: Though Carrie Fisher is most famous for her role as Princess Leia, she is a writer in her own right, penning both novels and screenplays. Her tweets are amusing and engaging, and best of all, she posts tons of pics of her adorable dog, Gary.

10. Samuel L. Jackson – @SamuelLJackson
Twitter Bio: None.
Followers: 3.65M
Need for Feed: Through leaving out a bio, this guy clearly states he has no need for an introduction. After all, who can forget when he said, “If my answer frightens you, then you cease asking scary questions.”? He uses his greater good to take down cancer and promote cancer research and awareness.

11. Ian McKellen – @IanMcKellen
Twitter Bio: actor and activist
Followers: 1.07M
Need for Feed: Some say that celebrities are today’s version of nobility. Sir Ian McKellan is both an actor and a knight. Need I say more? In his movies, he defends the mutants and Hobbits; in real life, he is a supporter of LGBT rights.

12. Jada Pinkett Smith – @jadapsmith
Twitter Bio: None.
Followers: 574K
Need for Feed: Not only is she an awesome actress, but more importantly, she raised Willow, which is an accomplishment in and of itself. She uses her twitter feed to support women’s rights.  

There you have it—a drop from an ocean (or at least a sizable lake) of good Twitter feeds for thespians. How about you, Paste readers … what are some other good Twitter feeds for people who love film actors?

Madina Papadopoulos is a New York-based freelance writer and regular contributor to Paste. You can follow her on Twitter.

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