Twitter Account Unearths Screenwriters’ Unironic Female Character Descriptions

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Ever wondered where in the storytelling process women go from actual human beings to those terribly sexist and annoyingly cliche female characters we know so well? According to this new twitter account, it unfortunately begins on the page.

Ross Putman, a film producer, cinematographer and writer, has created @femscriptintros, an account dedicated to sharing the very real introductions screenwriters give to their female leads. ALERT: This is not a parody account. We’d like it to be, but it is completely and utterly real. Every tweet comes from a different script that’s somehow made its way into Putman’s professional hands, and they’re the very first things the person reading the script finds out about the character. Note: Most have to do with how shapely the ladies are.

Check out a handful of the character descriptions which are taken from scripts and tweeted out word for word. Five points if you laugh instead of hitting your head repeatedly against a wall. And an additional bonus point each time you can name the terrible trope in use. Personal favorites? The hot scientist (Dr. Christmas Jones?) and bathing beauty.

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