Meet Maggie Levin’s Horrific Riot Grrrl Band, Bitch Cat, in This Exclusive V/H/S/99 Clip

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Meet Maggie Levin’s Horrific Riot Grrrl Band, Bitch Cat, in This Exclusive V/H/S/99 Clip

There can never be too many horror anthologies, especially when their pedigrees are as enviable as the V/H/S series. Last year saw Timo Tjahjanto rage through the horror franchise’s new iteration on Shudder and now its follow-up, V/H/S/99, is nearly upon us with an equally exciting line-up.

One of those horror filmmakers on the rise is Maggie Levin, whose writer/director work has been steadily accumulating on the web and beyond for the past decade. Recently, Levin’s been moving up with an entry into Hulu’s movie-of-the-month horror series Into the Dark (My Valentine) and a second-unit helming gig on The Black Phone—not to mention a slew of writing projects on the horizon, including one for a Labyrinth movie directed by her husband, Scott Derrickson.

Now Paste can offer up an exclusive look at the band starring in her segment “Shredding,” Bitch Cat.

Take a look:

Riffing on sub-MTV grungy punk, as DIYers thrived on the VHS death knell, the interview is keyed into the aesthetics of the time. The ghoulish band itself talks like “a very strange combination of Ani DiFranco and the Spice Girls,” according to Levin.

“What’s a party without a little bit of violence?” the drummer asks before chucking a stick. Since the synopsis of the segment describes Bitch Cat as a band that was “trampled to death by their fans,” I’m guessing they could’ve done with a bit less violence. The band hoping to follow in Bitch Cat’s footsteps is likely going to be thinking the same thing.

Those looking for a horrific riot grrrl haunting won’t have to wait long: V/H/S/99 hits Shudder on October 20.

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