Watch Wonder Woman‘s Second Trailer

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Watch Wonder Woman‘s Second Trailer

Wonder Woman is still seven months away, but we’re already on to trailer number two.

This trailer gives some more structure and details about the movie’s plot. We see some present-day stuff with Diana at the Louvre and looking at an old picture of her World War I buddies. Apparently she’s been stricken by the same grim and gritty bug every hero in the DC movie universe has, because she says, “I used to want to want to save the world. This beautiful place. But the closer you get, the more you see the great darkness within.” That isn’t very positive or uplifting, but it is very much in line with the mopey Superman and Batman that live in this universe, so maybe the movie will end with her being dark and edgey and ready for join the DC cinematic universe properly.

We then get a look at, presumably, Steve Trevor crashing near Themyscira and Diana diving into the water to save him, which we saw the aftermath of in the movie’s first trailer. Then some men invade, the Amazonians fight them off, losing a few of their own in the process, and Diana is sent out to stop the war to end all wars.

There are definitely some Captain America: The First Avenger vibes coming from Danny Huston’s villainous mystery role, the woman with the creepy porcelain face, and the blue energy weapons that are “far deadlier than anything you can ever imagine.” But setting your star-spangled superhero movie in one of the World Wars was always going to draw that comparison.

There’s also a good look at Diana’s full Wonder Woman get-up, a lot of slow-motion bullets, and some classic bracelet deflecting. Hopefully, the movie will explain why she has to avoid bullets, but can take a punch from Doomsday with no problem.

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2, 2017. Watch the new trailer above, and its predecessor here.

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