8 New Acoustic Songs To Ease You Into Your Day

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Whether you’re an early riser or someone who hits the snooze button a few times, we all need a good way to get our day going. If that cup of coffee just isn’t cutting it for you, we’ve collected an assortment of energetic and mellow songs (depending on how quickly you need to get moving) to suit whatever taste in music you may have.

1. “Watering Can” by Liza Anne
From Liza Anne’s recent iTunes New & Noteworthy album The Colder Months, “Watering Can” showcases her velvety voice and a refined acoustic guitar line.

2. “Bluegrass” by Matt Phillips & the Philharmonic
Songwriter Matt Phillips worked with producer Ian Schreier at Manifold Recording on this track. Phillips accompanies his thoughtful lyrics with an acoustic guitar, organ, horns and drums to create a peaceful tune. He even enlisted his Kickstarter supporters as background singers. Overall Matt Phillips and the Philharmonic’s whole album Move is a great pick-me-up for any day.

3. “Roots Bury Deep” by Rebekah Todd
If you want to ease into your day, Rebekah Todd may be the perfect fit. Her soulful folk-style voice backed by a bluesy band is so much more soothing than the blaring beats of your alarm. Listen to the rest of her debut full-length album also titled Roots Bury Deep with your morning coffee.

4. “Phoenix” by Philip Mancuso
The folky song “Phoenix” is simple and appealing with lovely lyrics and soft strumming to ease your anxious mind after a few hours of sleep.

5. “Morning Light” by Look Homeward
Look Homeward will appeal to fans of the Avett Brothers, and “Morning Light” is the perfect acoustic tune for that bright sunshiny day. The collaboration of Lee Anderson (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Lauren Anderson (vocals) and Will Anderson (banjo) will gladly warm your heart as soon as you wake up.

6. “Loneliest Rays” by Bears in the City
If you want some feel-good music to start off your day, the soulful melody from Bears in the City frontman Nick White and soft harmonies from bassist Jeff Hymes and drummer Jake Waits will wake you with an optimistic start. As the song progresses, the tempo speeds up and becomes more alert as you wake up.

7. “Stories” by James Ethan Clark
This song by southern rock singer James Ethan Clark is perfect for bad weather on a lazy day, bringing you slowly to life. Clark’s mellifluous voice paired with an electric guitar and pedal steel will melt your stress away.

8. “The Only One” by Aaron Gallagher
Known for his instructive guitar videos on YouTube, songwriter Aaron Gallagher wrote this acoustic track that will have you pressing repeat every morning for more of his calming voice.

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