A Breakdown of B.o.B’s Feud with Science

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Rapper B.o.B is on a mission to disprove centuries worth of scientific knowledge and prove to the world that he is smarter than Harvard-educated Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, which is a risky gambit. Here is a detailed breakdown of the feud going on between B.o.B and Tyson, as B.o.B struggles to prove that Earth is flat.

B.o.B began a feud with science by releasing a series of anti-science tweets that started a hashtag trend #FlatEarth

B.o.B’s anti-intellectual tweets prompted a response from Tyson, who sought to educate B.o.B and safeguard years of scientific knowledge in the process by informing someone with a public audience of the realities of physics.

Unable to accept defeat in the form of scientific reasoning, B.o.B released Flatline, a diss track filled with false scientific information and ad hominem attacks directed at Tyson.

Tyson took no time to respond to the track filled with false information. He and his nephew penned a scientifically backed diss track entitled Flat to Fact. He also appeared on The Nightly Show, to criticize B.o.B’s anti-intelligence movement, and seal his victory complete with a mic drop as he demonstrated the power of gravity.

When asked about the feud, a NASA spokeswoman told WashingtonPost, “We don’t think there’s a debate to be had.” She directed those interested in learning more about Earth, to the organization’s website, where there are photos of earth from space. Hint hint It’s not flat.