Stream The Impossible Kid, Aesop Rock’s First Album Since 2012

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Stream The Impossible Kid, Aesop Rock’s First Album Since 2012

Aesop Rock’s forthcoming full-length The Impossible Kid is his seventh solo studio album, and his first since 2012’s Skelethon. The album is due out later this week, but now you can stream it in full. The 15-track LP is accompanied by what Aesop calls “a shot-for-shot, miniaturized re-imagining of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining by Rob Shaw.”

According to a press release from Aesop’s label, Rhymesayers Entertainment, The Impossible Kid represents the rapper’s “newfound willingness to open up about his personal life, going deep on topics like depression, his sometimes rocky relationship with his family and the turbulent handful of years that culminated in Aesop leaving his adopted home of San Francisco to live in a barn out in the woods, where he recorded the foundations of The Impossible Kid.” The album also sees Aesop tapping “into the funny side of his persona that he suppressed during the period where being taken as a serious lyricist was more of a priority.”

The indie-rap stalwart also known as Ian Bavitz took the auteur approach to The Impossible Kid, producing the album himself, eschewing guest spots entirely and even helping to conceptualize the album’s cover art. Such a concentrated display of Aesop Rock virtuosity was certainly worth waiting for.

The Impossible Kid is out April 29 via Rhymesayers. Stream the album above, read our 2013 feature on Aesop Rock here and check out the full tracklist below.

1. Mystery Fish
2. Rings
3. Lotta Years
4. Dorks
5. Rabies
6. Supercell
7. Blood Sandwich
8. Get Out of the Car
9. Shrunk
10. Kirby
11. TUFF
12. Lazy Eye
13. Defender
14. Water Tower
15. Molecules
*Syrup feat. Homeboy Sandman & Open Mike Eagle (Bonus Track)
*Dorks [Blockhead Remix] (Bonus Track)

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