Alex G Announces New Album with Two Tracks

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Alex G Announces New Album with Two Tracks

The constantly working Alex G’s got a new album, Rocket, coming out May 19 on Domino, and to announce his seventh LP, he’s dropped not one but two new tracks.

The first, “Bobby,” which also gets a video, is a gently twanging bit of alt-country that has Alex G documenting a friend who seems to have lost track of all the pair’s past memories together. G’s to the point where he can’t fully express everything that he thinks or feels, though it’s still one of the more expressive tunes he’s penned.

The latter, “Witch,” lets G slide into the role of sonic manipulator. There’s lots of vocal reverb in the track. Background voices show themselves for a moment and then disappear again. The percussion is almost arrhythmic and clatters around, and little bits of guitar twinkle throughout. It faintly recalls Deerhunter circa Monomania without being as on edge.

As mentioned up above, Rocket drops May 19 through Domino. You can preorder the album here now. Check out the two new tunes, Rocket’s artwork and tracklist, and a 2014 Daytrotter session from Alex G, all below.

Rocket Tracklist:

01. Poison Root
02. Proud
03. County
04. Bobby
05. Witch
06. Horse
07. Brick
08. Sportstar
09. Judge
10. Rocket
11. Powerful Man
12. Alina
13. Big Fish
14. Guilty

Rocket Album Art:

Alex G Rocket Album Art.jpg

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