Two Alt-J Songs Get the Code Orange Remix Treatment

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Two Alt-J Songs Get the Code Orange Remix Treatment

Opposites attract, but even two parties that are worlds apart can combine to make something that makes sense. Case in point: Code Orange’s remixes of two Alt-J cuts, “Adeline” and “Hit Me Like That Snare,” from their recent release Relaxer. Alt-J drummer Thom Sonny Green is a longtime admirer of the hardcore band, and thus, the collaboration was born.

“It’s not often we get to collaborate with heavy artists so having Code Orange step up and give us two amazing remixes is a real treat,” Alt-J stated.

Code Orange guitarist/vocalist Shade took the reigns on the project, explaining, “I wanted to dismantle the songs entirely and completely rebuild them as if they had come from a different world, and that’s what I did. See the world with Code Orange vision. No boxes, no boundaries, no fear.”

Both versions of “Adeline” are intense in their own ways, but Shade transformed the ethereal, symphonic textures of the original song into a pulsating, rhythmically charged reworking. For “Hit Me Like That Snare,” he ditched the cowbell for wailing guitars and amplified the sinister nature of the original to create a raucous medley of distressing noises.

Dmitry Zakharov created the visuals for the two remixes, which you can watch below. For comparison, revisit the original renditions of “Adeline” and “Hit Me Like That Snare.” Read our review of Relaxer here.

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