Aluna, Princess Nokia, Jada Kingdom Release “Get Paid”

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Aluna, Princess Nokia, Jada Kingdom Release “Get Paid”

Singer-songwriter Aluna has released yet another single off her forthcoming album, Renaissance, titled “Get Paid.” The single, featuring Princess Nokia and Jada Kingdom, follows previous singles “Body Pump” and “Warrior,” her first releases as solo artist Aluna.

“(“Get Paid”) is an aspirational celebration about black women and women of color getting paid, in opposition of the reality that we are consistently undervalued for our work” Aluna says. “On the other hand, this is a song about believing we deserve to get paid because as society keeps telling us we are worthless, we internalize that notion, which is almost more damaging because it stops us from advocating for ourselves.”

Whether stuck inside quarantining or out exploring the new socially-distanced world (responsibly), this breezy track is sure to make you feel like you’re gazing up at a cloudless sky on a carefree summer day.

Aluna’s first solo album, Renaissance, drops Aug 28. Listen to “Get Paid” below. Keep scrolling for the Renaissance album art and tracklist.

Renaissance Album Art:

rennaisance .jpg

Renaissance Tracklist:

01 I’ve Been Starting To Love All The Things I Hate
02 Warrior (feat. SG Lewis)
03 Sneak
04 Envious
05 Don’t Hit My Line
06 Aluna, Princess Nokia & Jada Kingdom – Get Paid
07 Aluna, KAYTRANADA – The Recipe (feat. Rema)
08 Body Pump
09 Ain’t My Business
10 Off Guard
11 Back Up
12 Pressure
13 Surrender
14 Whistle

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