Watch Andrew W.K. Wax Philosophic on the Power of Partying at Denver’s Ratio Beerworks

Music Video Andrew W.K.
Watch Andrew W.K. Wax Philosophic on the Power of Partying at Denver’s Ratio Beerworks

There are a lot of modern American craft breweries that have modeled themselves as performance spaces for touring musicians, but few have committed themselves as fully to that aesthetic as Denver’s Ratio Beerworks. Co-founded by three guys who bonded over pints of beer in Denver’s own punk rock subculture, it’s the kind of place that hosts a weekly vinyl swap and features beers named after songs from Sleater-Kinney. Music is arguably just as important here as beer, which makes them a brewery after our own hearts.

As such, the brewery also hosts a series of Ratio Sessions, in which “touring national artists perform 2-3 songs unplugged and acoustic sets at the brewery prior to their full shows at a local venue later that evening.” We can’t help but be reminded of our own Paste Studio sessions, which operate in much the same way, offering unique, live versions of new songs from up-and-coming artists.

Today, we’re happy to share the above—a new performance video from patron saint of partying/white jeans enthusiast Andrew W.K., who recently performed at Ratio. Above, you can see his band performing a uniquely laid-back version of longtime classic “Party Hard,” off his huge 2001 album I Get Wet. Follow it up by checking out the below interview, in which the always eloquent Andrew W.K. discusses his favorite subject and the lifelong quest for “the partiest party.” I don’t know why it comes off as so very inspiring, but it does. Says the man:

“The partiest party has not happened yet, and that is why I’m here partying with you. Not necessarily with the demand or expectation that this be the partiest party, but with the hope that if we keep partying, we will reach that party pinnacle. And then once we reach that party pinnacle, that party paradise, we will expand it and exceed it.

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