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Archie Bronson Outfit

Plenty of bands cite hip and unhinged in?uences like Captain Beefheart, Son House, and The Stooges, but few actually bolster their claims with music those forbears would respect. Enter Archie Bronson Out?t, a London trio whose sophomore release embodies the raw energy upon which rock ’n’ roll was sired. Surprisingly, there’s no real star in the band. Drummer Mark “Arp” Cleveland pens the lyrics, but shuns the spotlight, manning the kit and holding the glorious mess together. Sam Windett slings guitar and provides the oh-so-desperate vocals. Meanwhile, Dorian Hobday’s bass intermingles with Windett’s six-string to the point that they sometimes act as one. But through all the sax squall, noisy racket and oftentimes-undeniable melody (be it through a catchy riff or shout-along chorus), this is a band imploring you to come along for the ride. “Let me see what you’ve got, what you’re made of, what you’re not,” Windett sings on “Dart for My Sweetheart.” Well? C’mon, let’s see it.

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