Bat for Lashes Debut Eerie New Video for “Sunday Love”

Music Video Bat for Lashes
Bat for Lashes Debut Eerie New Video for “Sunday Love”

In continuation of an ongoing series, English musician Natasha Khan (better known as Bat for Lashes), has released another installment of the audio-visual story, this one called “Sunday Love,” being told through the music videos for her forthcoming album, The Bride. Khan released the first segment, titled “In God’s House,” back in March, playing a grief-stricken bride who is widowed on the day of her wedding when her husband-to-be dies in a car crash.

In “Sunday Love,” Khan revisits the same California desert that hosts her late fiancee’s grave, still clad in a wedding dress and veil. Along the road she stops a stranger’s car, who stumbles out of the vehicle when he realizes three mysterious women are sitting in his back seat. Together, they trek out into the desert, where they are met by a strange light that inexplicably causes the man to collapse in Khan’s arms.

The video is rife with foreshadowing, from the singer’s garb to the evocative ”’Til Death Do Us Part” etched onto the back of the man’s leather jacket. The chilling clip is a fitting companion to the ethereal song, which features Khan’s haunting voice on top of glittering instrumentals. The Bride is a follow-up to 2012’s The Haunted Man and is Khan’s most ambitious project yet—the LP’s release is accompanied by a lengthy text which elaborates on the eponymous bride’s story, the first chapter of which can be read here. In the spirit of the nuptial theme of the album, the singer has suggested that fans come to shows dressed in wedding attire.

Watch the “Sunday Love” video above, and keep an eye out for The Bride (tracklist below), slated for release on July 1.

The Bride Tracklist:

1. I Do
2. Joe’s Dream
3. In God’s House
4. Honeymooning Alone
5. Sunday Love
6. Never Forgive the Angels
7. Close Encounters
8. Widow’s Peak
9. Land’s End
10. If I Knew
11. I Will Love Again
12. In Your Bed
13. Clouds

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